Deep Cleaning Services

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

My business idea is providing deep cleaning of butcher's equipment and restaurant kitchens. This is a new kind of cleaning business in South Africa. Funding is required for the purchase of chemicals, equipment, and protective clothing.

We will offer deep cleaning service to companies working with food.

The expected cash payback period is six months to a year.

My project is a good business idea because nobody is offering such a service at this moment, so that we will be the first.

The opportunity for the investor is to help me by sponsoring my business, which will enable it to grow faster and become a leader.

I believe that my business will sell because hygiene and healthy conditions are a must-be and the butcher's and restaurants will clearly benefit from our service - their customers will prefer them when knowing that they have been regularly deeply cleaned.

All paper work is in place and we are ready to start operating.

I need funding mainly to help us with the salaries/equipment for the first 3 months.

I want to build capital so tha the business can be feasible and self-sustainable for the future.

I would gladly share more information with interested and genuine investors.

Competitive Advantage

My potential clients are butcher's, restaurants, bakeries, fish&chips shops and any other business producing food.

There are no competitors at this moment, and that is why I want to enter the professional cleaning market.

It is possible that other companies follow me but that is why I want to be the best deep cleaning provider in South Africa through my dedication for a better and healthy environment.

My business is sustainable because people want their food suppliers to guarantee healthy conditions.

Rationale for the deal

Currently, there are no market players. Therefore, its my opportunity to take the market and work with pleasure and devotion to provide the best service possible.

My business will generate money by charging for deep cleaning service, selling chemicals and new equipment and repairing existing equipment.

Use of financing

Funding is required for equipment, chemicals, and clothing for the workers.

I am a pensioner but I can't afford to pay for everything needed to start up on my own.

I am asking for a loan which is to be paid back in one (1) year.

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