Outdoor Adventure Specialist Retailer/Wholesaler Seeks Investor

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $230,000 / min. $200,000
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

The Funding will be used for partial payment of the shopfitting, to purchase stock and to cover imports from Long Island, New York to Polkwane, SA.

Specialising in deliverying equipment, gear and accessoriers to the Bow, Rifle and Black Powder rifle hunter and also in detail equipment and tools to the Outdoor Adventurer in South Africa. We will not be focusing on the rifles and ammunition but all accessories and equipment around the three disciplines. The market focuses on the rifles and bows but not nearly enough on the accessories and gear around these three disciplines. Also it does not cater for the whole family. Hunters Hide values the family a great deal and will be catering for the whole family!

The business in two part:

Part 1:


I will be distributing Rothco products in South Africa (www.rothco.com). This is a first for South Africa and Africa. Rothco has an extensive and proud range of Adventure and Outdoor products. I will be selling their range of products in a very big and quick expanding hunting market in South Africa and eventually, Africa. Their products are tried and tested and perfect for our African hunting conditions. Retail will be focusing on the hunting and outdoor and adventure market in all facets.
My dream is to create a mega outdoor store/brand in South Africa expanding all the time! If I my use an example to graphically explain my idea? I am aiming to start a Mega store or stores similar to the Cabela's mega outdoor stores in the USA.
My believe and motto is to "Start small, but think big" I am in the process of starting the first Hunters Hide store in The Mall of the North in Polokwane, South Africa. Polokwane is situated in the Limpopo province of South Africa and is also the hunting capital of South Africa. The first retail shop is almost nearing the completion of the construction phase.
Polokwane is also then used as "base Camp" for hunting up in Africa.

The Business in two parts:

Part 2:


I will also be doing wholesale business which could potentially be even bigger! In the professional market of protection and specialised services. Seeking out long term contracts to supply specialized equipment and gear to institutions like RSA Government, Protection services agencies, recovery services agencies, major parks and here, targeting anti-poaching units, supplying equipment and gear. I am actively involved with the world famous Kruger National park I and I have fist hand experience of how limited the people on ground level are when it comes to equipment needed to do the job.
This especially, is close to my heart and I have a burning passion to hunt ethically and to conserve for the generations to come. I am an active member of the Honorary Rangers of National Parks in South Africa and based at the famous Kruger National park. Here I aim to assist greatly with donations and sponsorships to protect especially our rhinos which are heavily targeted. I aim to use my business to greatly fund these institutions and people who do great work but extremely hard and dangerous work.

The payback timeframe will be 120 months. This business is unique because it the first of its kind in South Africa and Africa but it is not a new product. It is used by the American Armed forces and is a tried and tested product that was used all over the world with great sucess.

Investors will gain financially and we aim to cover the whole of Africa with this product. We have concent from the supplier and can deliver anywhere, including wholesale.

The development is 50% completed. A shop is asigned in the new Mall of the North, biggest mall in the Limpopo province Lease agreement signed. Shop fitters 70% completed with the retail shop construction. Pay points and cash points in place. IT and tellecommunications sourced and ready to be installed as per construction schedule.

The Funding will be used for partial payment of

Competitive Advantage

Hunters outdoorsman and andventurers will be targeted firstly. I will be bringing "a whole new product" to the market, tried and tested and specialised.

Rationale for the deal

100%! location is excellent, business is here and a gap in the market for an expert service.

I will be selling product via my retail store and also closing contracts to supply wholesale to big institutions in SA.

Yes other people are making money even though they do not specialise. They cover a broad spectrum with very limited local products and choices. The market has allot of grey areas and are very "general", more towards the outdoor fashion trends of these days. There are no specialised stores available.

Use of financing

The Funding will be used for partial payment of the shopfitting, to purchase stock and to cover imports from Long Island, New York to Polkwane, South Africa.

I need finance because I am not able to finance the business on my own. I plan to expand to much bigger mega stores country wide and will need financial assistance.

I woul prefere to repay the amount over 120 months but this is negotiable. Difficult to say.

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