Investment Opportunity in South Africa’s Retail Trade Sector

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $50,000 / min. $40,000
  • ROI: 10% in 5 years
  • Type of investment: Debt

Investment Opportunity

Startup funding is needed for establishment of a Trade Company with high ethical standards in Gauteng, SA. Investors are invited to join on a profit-sharing basis.

South Africa's economy is dependent on the growth of new small to medium-sized businesses. It is with this understanding that we would like to start a new enterprise.

Corporate social investment forms an integral part of our business. Our heart is in development of people and communities. These priority areas will provide the milestones for the business strategy to reach effectiveness, social plans and lastly, the business founder'с dream to have contributed.

Our team members are experienced professionals having worked in huge companies for years. Now we are looking for a start-up capital of about $50,000 as we build up the business to ensure profitable income after or even before the end of the first six months. The investment will be in the form of a loan to be repaid after these six months. Monthly payments would be ideal. We project to make total revenue in sales of minimum $24,000 in the first year and growing. The net profit is estimated at an average of $10,000 per month.

Our business pledges to sustainable development and development of a primary platform for branding and enriching the company’s reputable stance as a caring, friendly corporate citizen and valued partner in all the communities it has business operations.

Our plan and goals regarding our staff/employees:
• All employees across different levels will be mentored; their performance will be thereafter monitored and further coaching will be done as per demand.
• We will encourage education and training through engagement.
• The company will commit 5% of its annual profit generated to training needs with priority given to shop floor employees. However selection of individual employee to be nominated for the particular training is the discretion of the management staff and should be in line with LM Trading & Projects of business.

To ensure practicality of this aim, our company commits itself to development and empowerment projects that embrace the diversity of South Africa. We intend to become a role player as far as community upliftment is concerned. Moreover, we would contribute to the government’s mission to alleviate poverty through job creation and economic freedom. We also envision to train upcoming South African Entrepreneurs in business, especially young ones.

We bring in skilled to ensure satisfactory service to the clients. All managers of our company have been to university and colleges and bring in a wealth of investment into the business. The Investor may be involved by sitting in quarterly board meetings as preferred by them and giving advice towards the running of the business.

We are ready to run with this business as soon as we receive funding.

Competitive Advantage

The country of South Africa gives entrepreneurs especially young ones like us an opportunity to make money in Trade in various fields, as the sector enjoys high demand.

Another key success factor is the location of the business – Gauteng, South Africa, which is the hub of business having tourists and business deals from all over the world happening all the time.

We have Business Qualifications and we are ready to run the business. We are looking to improve the business by about minimum 14% - 25% margin per year.

Reasons for trusting us to run a profitable business:
• Proven business:
• Lower risk
• Established customer base
• Marketing umbrella
• Greater bargaining power towards suppliers

Use of financing

The maximum funding needed is $50.000 (fifty thousand dollars) or about ZAR 500.000 (five hundred thousand rand). The investor will have share of net profit monthly or annually depending on their own preferences. This will be discussed and agreed upon. The investment is valid for the number of years to be determined and agreed upon.

Part of the investment will be kept aside to ensure there will be running costs even when the profits run low due to unforeseen circumstances.

There will be strict accountability and at least two signatories to the Business Bank Account. Financial Reports will be sent to the Investors periodically.

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will be at an advantage to invest in this business venture which has a high probability of growing and bringing in income.

The investor won't need to be involved in day-to-day management and can act as a silent investor.

We are available for any meeting to discuss further the current business opportunity.

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