Investor for E-Commerce Platform for Exclusive Event Dresses

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Retail Trade
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $70,000 / min. $35,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Selling exclusive imported and local event dresses. Bridal gowns, cocktail and evening wear. The shop I’m interested in buying is in an upmarket Sandton mall in Jhb.

The owner has passed on and it already has a good clientele besides my own. I have been buying bridal and evening wear overseas and selling them from my home. The demand has grown.

I will be working with young and talented local designers and also be importing exclusive bridal and evening wear for any event.

Cash back period is 32 months.

Imported designer wear is in demand in the rising black diamonds and celebrity industry in South Africa. With more than 1000 High schools in and around Jhb only, matric dances are happening throughout the year and the demand is big. Every season there are weddings and brides are looking for exclusivity. I as the owner am also a celebrity and have been chosen in a couple of magazines like HEAT as one of the examples as one of the best dressed celebrities, and many more young women want to associate with what i wear, word of mouth has flooded people in my home looking for event and evening dresses. In a month only, I had sold all my stock of about 15 dresses.

The investor will be paid back the money with good interest

The shop is ready for me to buy and to move in, i am still selling some local designed dresses to clients, but i feel that if i move in to a shop, it will give all customers an opportunity to visit the shop as well, unlike at the moment where only people who know me would reach me.

Funds are needed for traveling and accommodation to buy dresses overseas, salaries in the shop, 50% to buy the shop and interior deco.

I also have a good business plan and 3year projections I can provide for the investor.

Genuine investors can establish contact with us on the Merar site.

Competitive Advantage

Bride and company. They are a big bridal company in and around JHB, but they do NOT sell exclusive wear.

Designers are also a competition, but more customers want to associate themselves with international brands which i can bring to them and customers also prefer to come in a shop and fit and buy instead of still taking measurements and come back many times to for fittings.

There are also other shops in the mall that are competitions, but the owners are not well known. My advantage is the fact that my name and my profile as a public figure will surely increase my clientele as customers also want to associate.

Maybe yes it can be repeated, but I get the advantage of getting free publicity and free media advertising when I would be doing the launch.

Rationale for the deal

Opportunity to grow both financially and in the fashion industry.

The dresses are cheaper overseas than in South Africa. The cost for the price in South Africa can be double the amount charged.

Yes, I have made a research and I also have projections i can provide for the business. One of my competitors use the same seamstress I use, and in one week she takes about 19 dresses in a weekend to be fixed. Whilst I, who sell from my home privately can take up to 5 dresses in a weekend.

Use of financing

I need to buy the shop which cost $57000, Stock for about $14000, utilities, management, launch and deco for the shop.

To sustain the business for the next 6months and also to be able to pay salaries for two staff members and me as a manager.

I would have loved to move in by end of November, since December is our festive season and many employees are getting bonuses, and there are lots of weddings and events like christmas parties happening around the whole of South Africa. November 30 - 01 December 2011.

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