Information and Communication Technology Distribution

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We intend to set up distribution points for ICT products and equipments within the Southern African Region, covering South Africa, Zimbabwe, Mocambique, Angola, Namibia and DRC.

We intend to establish a branded network of distributors which we will operate as a franchise.

We have established relationships with two key suppliers from Asia to supply us with refurbished laptops, desktops and consumables which we intend to distribute within the niche market we have identified.

The project's R.O.I will be within 3 - 6 months from the date of commencement with an average return of not less than 40% per annum.

We have researched the demand and pricing tags in these markets, and have realised that our strength will be on pricing. We will be offering branded machines at relatively affordable prices for students and employees.

The investor will get an opportunity to work with money oriented young entrepreneurs who have a great vision to change the world. The investor will be guaranteed of increased returns as our team has a through understanding of the market involved.

The demand for ICT products in Africa is and will always be on the rise. African governments are working flat out to initiate technology related projects as a way of social development.

We have done all the research and what we need now is the capital injection to kick start operations at the earliest time possible.

We need funding for procurement of stock, shop rental and business development purposes.

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