GPS Trackers and Tracking Devices of Multical Application

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: South Africa South Africa
  • Industry: Technologies
  • Stage: Initial growth (first revenues)
  • Investment size: $2,000,000 / min. $750,000
  • Type of investment: Debt, Equity

Investment Opportunity

Emerging tracking service provider that supplies GPS Tracking Devices that can be used for many applications including Vehicle, Personal, Covert, and Mobile Tracking.

Quick Overview:

Founded in 2008

Shareholders include G. Pillay, W. Multow, J. Groenewald, W. van der Merwe.

Operates as a centralised Management entity with decentralised Independent Distributors responsible for sales and service delivery / support.

Currently based in Gauteng. 1 Operational Distributor in Western Cape. 1 Distributor in Namibia in negotiation.

Small complement of full-time staff, envisaged to grow to 30 full-time employees in 2012.

Estimated gross revenue for 2010/11:

Products and Services:
Xtreme Trackers provides customised high-quality tracking solutions and services to a broad consumer market – faster, smarter and more cost effective.

Proprietary and customised software to integrate multiple hardware components.

Target Market:
Individuals (vehicle, personal, asset tracking), Corporates (asset & fleet tracking), Security Service Providers (cash-in-transit and guard tracking), Agricultural and Farming (livestock and game tracking), Tourism (International Tourists, Hotels)

Current Marketing Initiatives:
Active website, Internet presence with Google ads, Trade shows, Financial Mail Annual Insert

Immediate Challenges:
1. Investment for Growth
2. Final development of key products
3. Insurance accreditation for vehicle tracking devices

Genuine investors can contact us on Merar for more information. Business plan is available for download.

Competitive Advantage

• Own Unique Software Panel.
• Own Source Code.
• Flexibility to customise solutions to meet customer’s unique requirements and specifications.
• Technical Expertise.
• In-house Software Development.
• Proven and accepted products, hardware.
• Not bound to a single market segment or hardware manufacturer.
• Personalised service.
• Distributed / decentralised operating model.
• Own Installation Facility and Control Room in Roodepoort.

Rationale for the deal

• Perceived poor service by competitors.
• Strategic Alliances with security and transport/courier companies.
• Distributorships outside SA (Africa, Other).
• Universal Tracker (no-GSM) to reach wider in SA and Africa – would overcome 70% of objections
• Non Destructible vehicle tracker.
• Driver ID Black Box (Non GSM, uses GPRS, Reactive data tracking Device) – Already Developed
• Security Management Services – Corporate Access Control and E-Security Services to reduce reliance on human element
• The overall market for Asset Tracking and associated Security Services literally comprises hundreds of thousands of consumer- and commercial clients.
• Niche clients are at the top-end of the market, e.g. corporates and commercial entities.
• The bottom-end of the market comprises a broad base of consumers and individual prospects.
• It is Xtreme’s intention to focus 80% + of its business efforts on corporate and commercial clients with the emphasis on:
• Tailored Fleet Management Solutions
• Corporate and Commercial Asset Tracking Solutions
• Specialist Tracking Solutions
• Consulting and Auxiliary Services to augment current offerings and create comprehensive business solutions (e.g. to be responsive to specialised tenders)

Use of financing

• Xtreme Holdings will have multiple exclusive Distributors, each dedicated to a specific geographic area.
• Distributors will be appointed over time, as and when it becomes economically feasible in a province or geographical area.
• Distributors will be able to appoint Resellers in their areas on a non-exclusive basis.
• Xtreme Holdings may, at its discretion, appoint non-exclusive Resellers directly where there are no established Distributors.
• It is envisaged that margins on recommended retail prices will be shared on a 10 : 12.5 : 12.5 basis between Holdings, Distribution and Resellers.
• License revenues will be split on a 50:50 basis between Holdings and Distribution.

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