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Investment Opportunity

Set in the beautiful Bushveld (Limpopo Province) The property is secured on a small farm about 3 km's from the town of Bela Bela (Tourism Gateway of Limpopo) The aim is to develop holistic wellness / conference / training facility built in environmentally friendly style. Totally "off-grid" and sustainable. Socially responsible yet profitable.

The property has already been secured by the founders through a combination of a cash down-payment and a mortgage of about USD 35,000 / Property valued at USD 95,000 (currently undeveloped)

All buidings will be built using an enviro-friendly sandbag building system. (see Buildings consist of a Conference / Training Centre, Wellness centre with Therapy rooms, 6 Cottages, a Guest House, Activity Centre (Thai Chi / Meditation / Dance etc.)
Other facilities include: Verma-Culture farm, Organic vegetable and herb gardens, borehole, water-wise gardens, natural bush.

Cottages will be sold on a "fractional title" basis by a professional agency - (revenue from these sales will provide a substantial income to cover development costs.)

It’s the intent of Centre is to create and sustain an environment-friendly wellness and learning centre where people are able to relax and heal in natural surroundings, where the environment is respected, where they can attend workshops aimed at personal and/or team learning and growth, where information that supports personal growth and sustainable development education is available, and where positive change within the local community can be effected.

The wellness centre includes the following:
A training and workshop centre for local and international markets;
Hired out as a venue for conferences and workshops
Used by the existing clients of the founders as well as other practitioners in the wellness and development field.

The wellness retreat for local and international markets
includes many therapies:
Chiropractic therapies
Meditation and Relaxation Classes
Beauty therapies (facials etc)
We will partner with specific organizations to provide the services.
Therapists will be invited to use the premises to practice their modalities.

Healthy, nutritious food will be available – prepared on the premises from vegetables we grow or grown by local farms – for workshop participants.

People that come to the farm as a retreat will be able to stay in the guest-house. We will also rent out the fractional-owned units for owners to retreaters.

We have the endorsement of Bela Bela Tourism and Limpopo Tourism for this project. A facility such as this does not exist in the region.

The region is very popular among Gauteng residents (Economic "powerhouse" of South Africa) Our primary market is based in this region.
A major focus of the project is to empower the local community in terms of job-creation, sustainable environmental awareness and skills development.

More detailed information including financial projections available on request.

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