Biodiversity Conservation Zone with Eco Lodge

Opportunity Snapshot

Picture of Forest Area in South Africa

Investment Opportunity

The project idea is to establish EVEN ONE ECO ZONE with its specific facilities for Biodiversity Conservation. The funds are needed to purchase land/ properties. This project will make a big difference to Environmental Conservation - investors and the public will have a chance to visit pristine Natural Areas, in a world where they are disappearing. A business partnership is most welcome.

I have already identified 17 different properties all over South Africa since 2008, varying from 50ha to 8000ha, ranging in price from half million to ten million rand. The exchange rate is about 8 rand to the dollar.
If we purchase JUST ONE of the pieces of land, e.g. the 40ha Blombos area,
then we can already make an incredible difference!

The winrar compressed file here shows what the Blombos 40 ha looks like.
It has 500m of fantastic beach, plenty of small game, an incredible biodiversity, a cabin...pls refer the pix!!
Buying more land for ecozones as described here is indeed a bigger effort,
but by starting with even one of the zones WE CAN MAKE A WONDERFUL DIFFERENCE!

We will buy the property, and with wisdom, according to the specifics of that area, establishes an eco-lodge and some cabins.

The facilities developed within the project will be made available to the Eco tourism market and the green market.

The lodges should be as self-sufficient as possible, as one grows organically one`s own food here, you have a bakery, and pizzeria/a la carte restaurant, coffee shop, art gallery, and many more - a variety of simple pleasures and facilities that provide quality to those so inclined.

The funds generated for the use of these facilities and infrastructure will be put back into the eco zone, and invested in the establishment of more eco zones, creating a series of Green space and Conservation areas.

The motive for this project not monetary - there are plenty of people pursuing only profit, without any joy in their life. Our aim is to protect the biodiversity with wisdom, and enjoy it with wisdom.This effort is not `maybe we should`, it is imperative. The global biosphere is being treated in an abominable way - this biosphere sustains life.

The know-how and expertise is available, as are the hands that will be drawn to this. This project will create a lot of permanent jobs, as the idea is to preserve and enlarge the conservation areas in perpetuity.

Competitive Advantage

We will offer walking trails, hiking, camping, photographic excursions, and the chance of simply being in a wonderful natural clean environment, in peace. Where in any city do you do this? It is about the simple things in life, which are sacred.

Rationale for the deal

As I said, I already identified 17 different areas all over South Africa, which are most excellent for the purpose of this project, as a lot of them are already within larger biospheres, or bordering them, or are already rich in biodiversity. Some even have olive groves and vineyards, and one has a half kilometre long coastline, like the 40 ha Blombos Estate! They all have various advantages. They are all PLACES WHERE YOU CAN BE AT PEACE, AND ENJOY NATURAL BEAUTY.

I have contacted some of the estate agents, who advertised these properties, they are welcoming the idea but of course asking for the money.

Most of the properties are still available, some are sold, and new ones are coming on regular bases– there are plenty of opportunities all over South Africa. These are not city plots, they are large areas in the country, with mountain, sea, lakes, rivers, etc. One can start any time - they are waiting and welcoming us.

Use of financing

I ask for ten million dollars,or even just TWO, as this will cover the wise establishing of infrastructure on the various zones/ zone, the purchase price of these specific 17 properties,or just ONE, and the ROI for the investor, as the intent is to put a substantial amount in a competent investment bank. So the incomes are secure, aside from the income the various eco zones generate themselves.

Opportunity for the investor

The ROI to the investor will be more than just money - Green Areas with real animals and trees, clean and unpolluted, providing eco tourism opportunities, and a place to enjoy NATURAL BEAUTY AND PEACE.

As I said, to protect places like this is imperative, not a choice. It is our contention to make a real difference, happiness, peace and joy.

Additional project documents available upon request.

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