CVT Automotive Gearbox

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Make a prototype of a CVT gearbox. Funding required US$100,000.

I have designed and made a model of a CVT (Constant Velocity Transmission) gearbox. A CVT gearbox does not have individual gears in it as a normal gearbox, either manual or automatic, but varies the ratio in a step-less manner. A greater ratio range can be achieved. Research world-wide (Internet, magazines, etc,) shows that this design in unique.

The problem with CVT gearboxes currently in cars is that they work on the principle of a sliding drive belt. The result is unsatisfactory, in that there is a certain amount of slip and the CVT gearbox cannot handle large power inputs. There are other technical drawbacks, which is why the CVT gearbox in it's current state is not well received.

The CVT gearbox I consists of a series of chains, sprockets and gears which system is in a constant state of positive mesh at all times. The drive is positive, with no slipping mechanism involved.

The benefits of this CVT gearbox are:
1. Because it is a positive drive at all times with no slip, the energy conversion is very good.
2. Because it is constantly, infinitely variable in drive ratios, the engine can be managed to operate at maximum torque per revs at all times.
3. As the gearbox can be controlled to operate at maximum torque per revs of the engine, an equivalent performance can be achieved at lower RPM, which in effect uses less fuel, much less wear on engine components, and better acceleration and top speed. This may well result in smaller capacity engines giving the same performance as larger ones.
4. Because it is a direct drive at all times, the design allows for use in large vehicles, trucks etc. as it is capable of handling the power.
5. The design is simple and compact, which should present no manufacturing problems to manufacturer.

Required is an input of US$100,000 to manufacture prototypes, make a patent search, draw up a patent specification together with drawings, file a provisional patent and prepare a presentation package for potential buyers of the patent rights. The time lapse from receipt of funds to the finalisation of the sale of the patent rights is estimated at 10 – 18 months.

Based on information from various sources, the opinion is that if the gearbox does whatit is claimed to do, it could be worth anything from US$30M to US$300M.

Because a provisional patent has not been filed, full disclosure is not possible. However, I am prepared to enter into legal agreements to protect both the investor and myself, including non-disclosure agreements.

I am prepared to negotiate equity participation.

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