Specialist Invention for Baby Industry

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This project idea is in seed stage. The invention itself at present is being overlooked by davison.com in the US, as it is quite simple, but difficult for myself as an inventor to divulge too much information without non-disclosure to any parties. I need funding to make a prototype of this product. Full details can be released on non-disclosure.

This product has a global potential. Every new product has a shelf life and brings a high risk.

It is obvious that any survey of the prototype must be done by Davison, so that they can get in touch with a manufacturer to make the shelves.

At this stage it is possible to predict the market, my plan is to offer a possible investor a percentage of royalties as a passive income payback. All new products are high risky, but the rewards can outweight the investment - this will be an ongoing payment during shelf life.

The oppurtunity for investors is to have a stake in a product for its lifespan and opportunity to invest in further projects. Products of a similar nature exist but this is unique in its capacity it will easily fit beside comparative products, which will only push sales up. The project is in infancy but with a solid investment it can begin repaying itself within 12 months.

There should be no additional funding needed, as far as I am aware.

Competitive Advantage

As I stated above, I need an invention prototype maker to succeed, so that will lead to a deal with a manufacturer to role out royalty agreements.

I have an advantage over my competitors, beacause the product is new. A product like this one is made only once and in a prototype form, so that we can assume that a possible patent won't be issued.

Rationale for the deal

Similar products in the market place are making money at present, this product however will fit into the same retail bracke,t but obviously with nore value and convenience.

Money will be generated from royalties which will be split. The basic oppurtunities are to land a new product on the market leading to an investment return and to a passive income through royalties.

Use of financing

Investment needed for survey, prototype, possible patent. I will also need financial support as I reside in South Africa and at present I can only offer royalties to this project.

Looking for similar investment opportunities