Digests Organic Waste (POOP DROP) Investment Project

Opportunity Snapshot

Advertisement of the Prop-Drop organic waste product

Investment Opportunity

The "POOP DROP" eliminates unpleasant odors and digests organic waste. The unit is made from recycled plastic and is ECO friendly. Installation is simple and there is no ongoing maintenance for the system. Every person that has a dog should have a "POOP DROP" installed in their garden.

I need to install machines to make the components for the "POOP DROP". The idea is to have it assembled and installed by the end user, the unit will be light and packed small enough for postage to anywhere in the world.

The system is very simple, the unit is assembled and placed in the ground. 25 Lt of water and 100g Organic Super Concentrate Sewage Dissolver is added per month.

The system is ECO friendly and the waste once dissolved seeps int the earth. After the first week of installation the owner will find that his/her pets start using the area around the "POOP DROP".

Competitive Advantage

The "POOP DROP" is a must have for every household that has a pet. At a manufacturing cost of ZAR (R220.00) and a selling price of (ZAR 650.00) without installation.

Pets are not allowed in a lot of public areas due to the droppings, end of that problem with "POOP DROP"

Rationale for the deal

There is no competition on the market.

Use of financing

• Installation of Vac forming machine to make plastic components.
• Wash plant to clean recycled plastic.
• Plastic extrusion machine.
• Plate bender for lid brackets.
• Upgrade working area.
• More professionalism in marketing and advertising.
• Reliable vehicle and consumables.
• Patent product.

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