Investment in Coin Operating Business in Developing Areas

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

This project is a winwin situation, people work full time and they still have to do washing and cleaning, we're cheaply taking away the laundry task off their shoulders.

There is a community centre in this areas, a lot of people are working full time and no time to do their washing. We also have student who does projects that needs internate so and internate cafe will be ideal and so is the low cost gym.

As for the internate cafe, we will have youth, adults coming to our laundry so to get rid of boredom the internate cafe will come in handy.

Most of our people would love to join gyms but due to high cost and the fact that all gyms are in surbubs and cities, it is almost impossible if you dont have a car so by bring a low cost gym to this areas we will make money.

Competitive Advantage

We dont have competition in the laundry services and in the intrernate, there is but not soild enough to fall us.

Gym wise we might have competion in future but not for the next ten years at least.

For futher discussion please do contact me on this number, 0843146290 or email me on

Rationale for the deal

My opportunity includes laundry, low cost gym, internate cafe and transport.

People are making a fortune in transport in south africa, but for laundry we are vtalking about one market that has not been exploited.

Use of financing

We need money to buy equipment and for rental services, employees and other logistics related to the implemetation of all this ideas.

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