Real Estate Development Project in Uganda Seeks Start-up Investment

Real estate business in Uganda seeks huge funding for mass construction of housing areas in Africa. ROI of 5% promised on a requested $30m investment.

E-Learning School Project in Uganda Looking For Start-up Funding

It will be an e-learning school with modern learning facilities necessary for this generation. Funding will be needed for setting up such facilities.

Faith Association Looking for Startup Investment for a Poultry Farm

Faith association is seeking for start-up funds to kick start a poultry farm that will grow into a commercial production farm.

Services Company in Uganda Seeking Capital for investment

The company shall provide sevices in the field of real estate development, achitectural design services and consultancy, as well as provide transportation services.

Day Care Start-up Business in Uganda Looking for Investment

The purpose of funding is for construction of the school, to buy a van for the school as well as buying teaching equipment's and playing equipment.

Established Entertainment Club in the middle of Kampala for Sale

We are selling an entertainment club with space for 1600 people located in the middle of Kampala. The average monthly income is 30,000 USD.

Ugandan Subsistence Mixed Farming Practice with 25% ROI

Funding is needed to buy land for agriculture, purchase poultry birds, goats, construct a farm house, provide local government licences.