Exchange of Minerals against Mining Machinery & Gold Prospecting

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Our company is earnestly promoting a proposal for the importation of mining equipment to the tune of $5 million US dollars on counter-barter-trade basis.

Payment will take place within 120 days out of the export proceeds of rough uncut gem diamonds, unrefined raw gold with 92-96% purity and other exportable produce/commodities from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), South Sudan, and East Africa.

Taking into consideration the extreme shortage of mining equipment in countries like DRC and Uganda caused by the political troubles in the sub-region, the implementation of such counter-barter trade operation would yield tremendous profits. In this regard, I would be glad to work with investors ready, willing and able to embark into this highly profitable venture of dealing on the purchase and export of both new and over hauled mining machinery in good working condition at competitive prices C.I.F and C&F Mombasa/Dar as Salaam/Kampala ports.

Our value to act as commission agents refers to fully protecting investors' interests in this venture of investing in East & Central Africa. And, for unquestionable transparency and accountability, investors shall designate one or two reps. to Dar as Salaam, Tanzania or Kampala, Uganda to oversee and control for and on behalf of the principals' investment operations, and this will be done in conjunction with the management of our company for the effective and sincere implementation of the project.

The business itself will take the trend of a counter barter trade, using accumulated sales from the equipment for the purchase and export of gold, diamond and other exportable produce and commodities from East & Central Africa. Therefore, investors shall designate as well a diamond and gold expert/appraiser to inspect, classify and assess the value of the rough uncut gem diamonds and unrefined gold quantities prior to their purchase and export to overseas markets.

Generally, the entire operation will be capable of recovering:
• Payments on total cost of imported mining equipment and vehicles.
• Payment on all custom duties, port charges and related taxes.
• Payment on storage facilities of the number of equipment.
• Payment on repairs and maintenance costs of the operational vehicles of the joint venture.
• Payment on operational costs related to effective contacts and liaison with potential equipment buyers all over the country that are ready, willing and able to buy the equipment in cash and/or in kind (in exchange with gold and diamonds).
• Payment on operational costs related to the identification/location of potential gold and diamond sellers/dealers and the commodities traders throughout the country.
• The acquisition of gold and diamond dealers and export licenses and other related documents coupled with government of DRC's expressed approval for the smooth operation of this venture.
• Costs on the strengthening of existing office facilities, provision of decent accommodation and transportation for your representatives in Dar as Salaam, Kampala or Kampala, Uganda and their residential permits in these countries.
• Any other related matters.

The distribution of the net profits accruing from the counter barter trade operations shall be based on recommended global acceptable commission rates.

Rationale for the deal

Mining Equipment is a big requirement both in Central and East Africa and mining itself is indeed a booming business in the Democratic Republic of Congo and many more communities in East Africa!

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