Looking for an Investor in Gold Mining, Mine Located in Zimbabwe

I am the head of a mining family in Zimbabwe and we own a few mines and we can not fully operate on more than one mine, due to the economic limitations.

Manufacturing of paper/plastic take away boxes and containers

Setup of a factory to manufacture plastic or paper take away boxes and other packaging.The material has to be recyclable as per government requirement.

Established Funeral Business Looking for Equity Partner to Expand

Partner is sought to invest capital, time and expertise to help the business conquer the lucrative Harare market. They are offered to share equity and profits.

Investors Needed for Precious Minerals Mining Start-Up in Zimbabwe

I have access to mining claims of any quantity. I need an investor in the mining venture to help with the capital and machinery. The desired capital investment is $35000

Truck Rebuilding Business in Zimbabwe Looking for Funding

We have already made inroads into the market and we are looking for an investor to help us purchase more second hand trucks.

Investment Needed: Hydro-Electric Power Generation Plant in Zimbabwe

The required funding will go towards the capital costs of the generating plant and equipment, investigating further retrofit and other renewable energy options.

Loan Required for a Marble Quarrying and Processing Plant

Funding is required to purchase the necessary machinery and service the area with power and water. I am offering an interest of 45% pa for a period of one year.