Agro-Processing and Refinery

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Seed
  • Investment size: $150,000 / min. $100,000

Investment Opportunity

We intend to start operating an agro-processing business in Zimbabwe with potential for expansion into Zambia and RSA. We will grow and outsource soya beans, cotton seed and sunflower seeds and process them into cooking oil, soap and stock feeds. We will also pursue a poultry husbandry. Funds are required for purchasing machinery and raw materials, as well as for business development.

Our product range will include: Cooking Oil, Soap, Stock Feeds and Poultry meat which all fall under the same value addition chain.

The cash payback period will be 18 to 36 months with a R.O.I rate of approximately 40% to the investor.

The industry was monopolized by one major player who controlled that specific market, but as for now the government has opened opportunities for private players to participate.

Most of the clients can't cope up with imported products which are expensive for the ordinary citizen. We will be offering an affordable solution to rural and urban communities. Our prices and convenience in terms of delivery and availability will give us an upper hand.

The investor will be guaranteed of 100% dedication from a team of passionate graduates and entrepreneurs with a vision to list this company on the stock market. The investor will get a life time opportunity to penetrate into one of Africa's lucrative investment destination with a variety of investment options for future gains.

The demand for soya beans is and will always be on the rise. As long as people are eating chicken and pork, this industry will be vibrant. After crushing the seed into cooking oil nothing will be thrown away. That is where soap and stock feed will be made. From one seed we will produce various products, which people use in life every day.

We have drafted the idea, and now we are in need of capital to purchase machinery, set up of the plant and start production.

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