Investment Project for Importing IT Products and Providing Services

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The advent of USD use in Zimbabwe has led to growing and insatiable market for IT products and this is coupled with highly-competitive mobile service provider networks.

Photocopying and printing services are in great demand, and so is laminating and binding services. Internet cafes are congested due to availability limiting parameters

The IT products (laptops, desktops, printers, and plasma (LCD) televisions, iPods, portable DVD players, internet compatible cellphones, CCTV, energy-saving bulbs, solar sockets &bulbs, 12 volt batteries) shall be the core of the business. Services will inculde internet, printing, photocopying, binding and laminating.

The products & services will mainly be stocked for middle income population groups as well as students and executive business persons.

The sales will be buoyed by the presently blurred (to the uninitiated)market risk analysis, of which I have first hand knowledge.

I shall be a conduit for any future IT imports as the pricing will be such that it would make greater sense to order locally from us than for other service importing on their own. Warehousing of finished products and spares will ensure that whichever brand is imported, will assume a local loyalty as though manufactured in Zimbabwe.

The company is an empowerment beneficiary and the directors are priviledged to include up to forty eight additional members as shareholders and can legally be listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange when sufficiently grown; as well as on international Exchanges in due course.

One of the directors is an IT technician whilst I am an administrative operative. The offices are based in Bulawayo Zimbabwe with provision for expansion to the capital, Harare and surrounding towns and cities.

The main thrust of this business venture is to boost productivity in order to mitigate against the unemployment levels tah have risen too high.

Printing services shall be churned out in such a manner that a publishing house shall result, with budding writers encouraged to come forward with their works for production.

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