Housing Complexes Units Property Development Funding Project

Opportunity Snapshot

Residential Villas Construction Project in Zimbabwe Image courtesy: Gary Bembridge, 2003, Flickr CC.

Investment Opportunity

We invite investors to fund our residential villas property development project. After completion the investor will get 80% of the housing units and we will retain 20%.

Our villas are built in complexes of 10 to 60 garden flats.

Cost for each flat is $35,000.00 and we will sell it at $70,000.
For 10 garden flats the investor will get 8 flats to be sold at total of $560,000.00 giving a gross profit of around 60% in about 4 months, i.e. $560,000.00 less $370,000.00 = $190,000 to the investor in 4 months.

Use of financing

The funding will be used for:
• Contractors
• Legal fees
• Administration

Opportunity for the investor

The investor gets 80% of the completed housing units and can then sell them at high profit margin.

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