Equipment Needed: Opportunity in Gold Mining in Zimbabwe

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

In possession of a number of mining certificates/licences in gold mining and processing in Zimbabwe. We are looking for an investor to come in with equipment.

Small scale gold mining project in Zimbabwe.
Looking at producing minimum of 1.5kg of gold per month.
Expand gold exploration drilling sites to achieve minable gold reserves of more than 2,000 ounces and be able to increase gold production but not limited to 7,500-10,000 ounces starting January 2020.
Provide gold processing services to small scale miners thereby increasing revenue.
Gold produced is sold to local refinery.
Seeking an investor to provide modern machinery and equipment to achieve the project goals. Investor will be offered a 50% stake in the mine and this is open to final negotiations.

Competitive Advantage

The acquiring of modern machinery and equipment will be a major boost for the project as this will increase the efficiency and production on the mine.

Rationale for the deal

Once an entity/individual is issued with a mining claim/right by the Ministry of Mines, it is assurance that the minerals are already on the place. With this assurance, what is left is for the owners to extract the precious mineral.
No marketing is needed as Gold produced is sold to a local refinery which is controlled by the Reserve Bank, thus, returns are guaranteed.

Use of financing

We are mainly looking for an investor to bring in modern machinery and equipment for mining and not necessarily funds.If the investor come in with funds, then we will use these to acquire the equipment and the remainder for operational purposes i.e. building structures on the mine premises and miscellaneous start-up expenses.

Opportunity for the investor

We are seeking $110,000 for acquiring a mobile gold processing unit. We expect full recovery of cost plus profit after approximately a year. We do not need an investor hands-on but are not opposed to the idea.
We are offering a 50% stake in exchange for capital investment or minimum financial investment of $90,000- $250,000. Interested investors can inquire further. All other modalities will be discussed with the investor.

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