Gold Mine Investment Opportunity in Zimbabwe Looking for Expansion

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The investor is expected to inject funds to cover costs of fencing the mine, electricity and machinery. This will supplement the nine that the company already possesses.

The mining company is owned by 6 people, for now, five being residents of Zimbabwe whilst the 6th owner resides in the UK. The mining operation kick-started in June 2019 and has been swift although there is so much growth potential when operations are upscaled.

The company is registered with the Ministry of Mines in Zimbabwe and is situated in Mudzi, one of the gold endowed areas in Zimbabwe.

Competitive Advantage

The company owns one of the biggest land endowed with gold. The mining company owns a compressor, Jack Hammer, Head Gear machine engine, Generator, Catcher machine, three wheelbarrows and a separator.

The current competitors are individual small scale miners with limited mining equipment. The company's intention to attract another investor who will bring in finance and a big truck e.g. a JCB combining front loader and a digging bucket at the back will permit full-scale mining at the site.

Rationale for the deal

The current output is crippled by incapacitation from a lack of enough equipment to foster production at the site. Once an investment in form of money or the big truck with a front loader is solicited, production is expected to be full scale. The few big miners in the Makaha area have investors who have pooled quite several types of equipment to support production, their output is high hence their returns. With our current part-owner who resides in the UK, Mirriam Muchiyani, we have managed to scale up operations but not to the extent we would aspire.

Use of financing

Finance being solicited is meant to cover our costs, These costs range from day to day to operational costs. Paying staff salaries, servicing the current equipment held, and production of our claims are the major costs we would wish to cover. If we manage to solicit a big truck, front end loader and money, it will be a once-off injection but without our front end loader, the need to pay for outsourced transport will arise frequently in a month.

Opportunity for the investor

Ownership will be allocated to the interested investor in line with their investment. The required amount of money may come in form of a loan or equity shareholding. The interested investor may choose not to be a hands-on person.

We also intend to receive investment on an instalment schedule.

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