Investment Needed for a Mining Agricultural Processing Company.

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I have set up a gold and chrome mining and agricultural processing company. I am looking for capital injection of about US$20 000.00 so that I start operations.

Our company is a gold mining company with interests in agriculture (crop,livestock and food processing). The company is based in Chinhoyi town in the province of Mashonaland-West. The province is rich with gold and copper deposits. The soils here are good for crop production and the vegetation is good for livestock production. The town is just about 120 kilometers from our capital city Harare, it is connected to international markerts such as South Africa, Europe, America and Asia.

The gold will be sold to Fidelity Printers while the agricultural products will be sold anywhere in the world. The ready market for agricultural products is the government of Zimbabwe and some private buyers. We are already a booked supplier of maize at Grain marketing Board in Zimbabwe.

All productions in the world are connected directly to mining and agriculture, hence we are the supplier of important resources for any industry. This is a long term investment since Zimbabwe has lots of gold deposits. The copper ores will be sold to many of the African nations like South Africa.

In Zimbabwe, a tone of maize costs about $390.00 while a kilogram of gold costs about US$4000.00. A tone of maize can be produced at a cost of US$50.00. We are not going to rely on expensive machinery as we plan to used simple machines like gold detectors.

Zimbabwe has recently experienced political leadership change, as a result, many world investors are willing to invest in Zimbabwe. The nation now open for business. All the legislation that used to oppress foreign investors has been removed.

The company seeks capital injection of about $20000.00. The money will be used to acquire gold detectors from Dubai. We need 3 detectors to start with and these will be bought from Dubai at a cost of about $2800 / detector. The other money will be used to purchase inputs for crop production. The inputs include maize seed, sugar bean seed, potatoes seed, water pumps and fertilizers. We already have arable land of about 40 hectares.

Competitive Advantage

Suitable provincial climate for agriculture.
Red loam soils for crop production.
Area readily accessible by road, high ways to South Africa and DRC for exporting.
Dams (water sources) readily available.
Energetic youth available for employment in the mines and fields.
Peaceful political environment.

Rationale for the deal

Gold and copper are in demand world wide.
We will be extracting the gold and sell it to Fidelity Printers and other foreign buyers.
Crop produce is in high demand in many African countries.
We have a family history in Agriculture.

Use of financing

We want to buy gold detectors from Dubai.

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