Investors Needed at Gold Mine in the Gold Rich Area Mazowe Zimbabwe

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for a partner who can seed money into our company and we will give them equity and profits from the Gold sales.

We are a company with 3 gold mines in the gold-rich area of Mazowe, Zimbabwe 30 km away from the biggest financial hub of Zimbabwe.

The mines are well documented and have high gold deposits showing from the tests we ran.

Our mines collectively measure 30 hectares.

We are looking for partners who are keen on investing in the Gold mining sector of Zimbabwe.

We are looking to buy equipment to mines deeper as the samples show that the grams per tonne improve.

Our portfolio as Bantu 35 is aimed towards mining, tourism and Agriculture.

We are looking for a partner who can seed money into our company and we will give them equity and profits from the Gold sales at our mine in Mazowe, we will issue a share certificate and the adequate paperwork and most importantly take you to the mines to see the mines first hand.

Competitive Advantage

Our biggest advantage is that we are in the famous Mazowe belt known for having the highest gold purity above 96% and we have the highest gold deposits meaning we are guaranteed to get a lot of gold
Mining has no real competition because it has a ready and available market and it is profitable.

According to the Zimbabwe Miners Federation, which represents small scale miners, the number of small scale miners operating viably in the last decade has not been more than 40%. The organisation attributed this to the lack of equipment with most, miners using wheelbarrows, shovels and handheld hammers for gold ore extraction activities.

Mining equipment such as air compressors, jackhammers, submersible pumps and other machines can be used to increase production output. Purchasing this equipment is expensive, thus out of reach to most small scale miners.

Use of financing

We want to buy: {
- Mining equipment
- Compressors and jackhammers
- Fencing for the perimeter
- Security
- and 2 pickup trucks since the road that leads to the mountain is uphill and so there's need for pickup's or SUV's } $68000

We need to construct CIP or cyanidation tanks to leech, this helps recover 38 -40 of lost and fine gold $27000

Opportunity for the investor

The investor will be a silent partner with a share/dividend of 70% from the mining output an full initial investment paid back in the first 5-8 months of operations.

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