Metal and Liquid Petroleum for Local Use and Export to Main Building

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

2 opportunities in mining iron ore and liquid gas. We have areas in our portfolio and geological reports for the mining of these minerals. We will explore and package

We have a couple of areas that need to be utilized in the metal ore in the ground and lp gas extraction . What we plan to do is any of the areas concerned we can mine the said minerals and start trading depending on our contract agreement.

Target market is building contractors as we can sell all metal products to them mainly export and for lp gas coal and so on domestic industrial users as well as export . Products range from metal sheets rods, anything with metal boulders then in the gas area we have by products of coal but mainly liquid gas which can be sold to the public

Competitive Advantage

The above areas we will be the first ones to do these in this area so the advantage will be on our side.

Rationale for the deal

Instead of importing all products we will have them locally and with the opportunity to export

Use of financing

Equipment , exploration licensing marketing and branding

Opportunity for the investor

We are looking for a hands on investor who will see the project through and ROI is 3 years after that company shares will be attained to the investor and will remain in the company.
For the main finance Investor might bring in equipment for the jobs and just we can share the local component for the workers allowances.

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