Brick Making Project Meant to Economically Empower Youths

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Zimbabwe Zimbabwe
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Stage: Start-up
  • Investment size: $120,000 / min. $120,000
  • ROI: 352% in 3 years
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

Funds are required to purchase a brick making plant, other equipment. The investor will have 40% equity stake in the project.

The project will produce an estimated 2638000 bricks anually to be sold at an estimated value of $606740 before deductions. Brick making is a viable business in Zimbabwe since the industries which are already in the market are failing to meet the demand of the product .

We are from Zimbabwe and we have a brick making community based project targeting youths including both girls and boys in Norton community. Norton is a residential area near Harare that is still expanding and people are buying stands on sale. the major problem is there is a great shortage of building material in the area, especially bricks.

There are no brick making comapnies or even companies that sell building materials. people who wish to build their houses have to travel 45km or more to harare to buy building materials.This is not only time consuming but expensive realising the cost to be incurred such as transportation of the materials.

Most companies in Harare do not offer transportation facilities for the procured products such that people have to find other companies that can transport their building materials.

The shortage of industries that create employment opportunities is another economic crisis that has become rampant in communities such as Norton.there are number of youths that are unemployed leading to increase in crimminal offences and most of all underdevelopment of communities as well as depency ratio.

To address the issue of economic development a country has to target youths the future generation. This is sustainable development since it seeks to address current problems by conserving the current resources and recognising the need to protect and preserve for the future generation.

This opportunity has led 10 youths from Norton to come up with a brick making community based project that does not only create employment opporutnities for the youth but also curb the problem of building materials being scarce in the area. The brick making project will economically empower the youth since it is an income generating initiative.

The project requires a capital investment of USD 120,000.00 which will be used to purchase plant and machinery,raw materials, to aquire land from the local council and to cover any other expense related to setting up the project.

Funding of the project will go a long way in alluviating poverty and infrastractural development in Zimbabwe.

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