Internet Cafés Start-up Business in Cameroon Needs Funding

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Once the finance is available, it shall take about six weeks to get everything installed and to make the business operational.

This project is about creating 10 internet cafés in a city where the demand for the services is very high. More and more people, especially the youth, are gaining interest in using the internet for the purposes of communication and research, while most of them do dot own personal computers connected to the internet. Internet cafés are a good business that meets the demands of this growing market.

Competitive Advantage

There are hundreds of internet cafés in the city, but we intend to provide the best. The market demand is truly growing but a shortage in service is noticed. We intend to provide the best customer service to our customers to win their confidence and maintain them. We are both trained and experienced in the domain and have a mastery of how the business runs. This is in contrast to many other actors who are amateurs in the sector and are unable to discern customers’ special needs. We intend to breach this gap and remain profitable for as long as we are in business.

Use of financing

The funding needs in brief are as follows:

• Purchase of 200 computers: $30,000
• Rents for nine months: $12,000
• Power Installations: $1,400
• Furniture: $2,100
• 10 Modems: $5,200
• 10 photocopiers: $3,00
• Installation of softwares and internal networking: $3,000
• 10 Printers: $1,200

Total demand: $57,000

Opportunity for the investor

With the assurance that ten internet cafés can generate a profit of at least $4000 per month, we shall offer the investor who funds this project with $57010 an extra $20000 as his profit for investing. This means the investor shall receive a total of $77010.

As soon as we receive his funds, we shall start putting up the businesses and shall start paying him within a month’s time. We shall continue paying him an estimate of $4000 or more monthly until the total of $77010 is paid within a maximum period of 24 months.

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