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Investment Opportunities in Nigeria

Organic Fertiliser Plant & Feed Investment Opportunity in Nigeria

We are looking for an investor to partner with us in setting up an organic fertiliser and feed plant in Nigeria for 25% Equity.

Seeking for Investor/Partnership in Agriculture Project in Nigeria

We are seeking for Investor/Partnership to commence commercial farming in growing crops or raising animals such as poultry, sheep, goat and cow.

Finance/Investor Needed for Crop Export, Poultry Business @ 40% ROI

We are looking for investors & finance to enable us increase our business into exporting items like Palm oil, Cassava, etc and also increase our production in poultry.

Cooperation on Poultry Investment Opportunity in Nigeria for All In.

We are seeking for investor/partnership in poultry (frozen food) venture.Poultry business (manufacturer) is highly welcome and profitable.

Investors Needed for Management and Buy-Outs of 2 Integrated Farms

We are looking for Investors to take-up management and buy-outs of 2 Nos profitably running integrated farms consisting of poultry, hatchery, soy-oil mill, etc