Organic Fertiliser Plant & Feed Investment Opportunity in Nigeria

Opportunity Snapshot

  • Country: Nigeria Nigeria
  • Industry: Agriculture
  • Stage: Expansion/Growth
  • Investment size: $55,000 / min. $54,972
  • Type of investment: Equity

Investment Opportunity

We are looking for an investor to partner with us in setting up an organic fertiliser and feed plant in Nigeria for 25% Equity.

We are an already established agro company, we were into poultry farming and also using the waste from the poultry to brand our fertiliser production. We have now developed a new, fast and very effective yet organic way of producing fertiliser and that is using night crawlers aka earthworms.
However investing in Nigeria is apparently one of the smartest decision an investor can make and my aim as an entrepreneur in Nigeria is to formulate the best possible sector in the country for your money to grow and that's in agriculture.
My team and I have developed an organic means of producing fertilisers through the said means,however like you see in the news, my country is solely going into Agriculture since our over-dependence in oil and mis-appropriation of funds has lead the country into recession. Agriculture is the key to reviving the economy. A quote by our president mohammed buhari ''the only way out of our current plight is to go back to our old money which is agriculture''.
farmers won't farm without fertilizers, livestocks won't grow and yield without feeds and that is where valentine's organic fertilizer come into play!

note: nigeria's population is over 180million and its estimated to reach 250million come 2025. nigeria is africa's biggest markets and investment eco-space which in return rewards the investor with A vast ROI

The project is designed to create organic manure both Liquid and solid for cash crop farmers also the same organisms generated feeds for livestock farmers like chicken, fish..

Our product is irresistible because it has the highest orange nutrient and its been designed to energized other nutrient in the soil and its also a great feed supplement for livestocks 10times better than actual feeds like grains ..etc.

Competitive Advantage

We import fertilizers, farmers lack accessibility also it is very expensive. Nigeria right now is in dire need to manufacture its own food as import on some of the produce has been banned in the country. Agriculture is the biggest shot , forex are limited for import of whatsoever, now is the right time to invest & this is the right sector. !

Note:I know my country got some stain or some sort of stigmatization but I assure you investors who are bold enough and risk adverse would eat the biggest pie. ( investors secret )

Use of financing

what your money would be spent on
- Land
- startup inventory *crawlers
- sanitization products, equipment, etc
- office stationary equipment
- fertilizer mix machine
- water tank installation
- power installation
- cash on hand for 6 months
- employees pay for 6 months
- a van

Opportunity for the investor

We seeking 55,000usd for 25% ROI we believe investing in Africa with your funds & help would not just feed the nation but would create jobs. now that's philanthropic

Africa needs help but entrepreneurs like us would make your money work for you. Coming into the country to see how it works would be mandatory.

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