Affordable Eco Homes in an Under-Serviced South Africa Market

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Construction of 50 Eco Homes over a period of 16 to 18 months and an under-serviced market. Pre-Sales of homes guaranteed. A socially conscious project.

Our company uses accredited and approved alternative Building Systems and other “green” technologies to produce affordable, Eco-friendly buildings.

Our business model is based on the principles of ethical and fair trade aimed at empowering as many people as possible to benefit from what we do, either as a client, a project partner, community based entrepreneur or an investor.

Using Eco-friendly construction processes and other alternative “green” technologies we build and sell lower to mid range homes into an under-serviced market. One of our main objectives is to make owning and living in an environmentally friendly home affordable and desirable while making a positive impact on communities that would normally form no part of the process.

We have developed an affordable “Eco-house” concept, the first project is in planning phase in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Over the past 5 years we have gained the experience and developed the professional relationships in the industry that will help us make this project approach a success.

Inquiries around the system and it's benefits are at a level where we are extremely confident that sales of our Eco-homes will support and possibly exceed the projected build/sell cycle.

The energy and water security issues currently faced in South Africa provides us with an opportunity for tremendous growth. Inquiries for our products have increased dramatically over the past 6 months.

We have enough resources to set up the planning, system manufacturing and construction processes for the 20 unit Eco-home project, our challenge lies in raising the capital to implement.

There is no doubt that once the first project is completed there will be opportunities to duplicate the model across South Africa and other countries.

We already have an MOU signed with a West African company to partner on a similar project once we have implemented phase 1 of our Eco-home project in South Africa.

We are looking to secure an investment of R7,500,000 (Approximately US$750,000 to purchase land in the target market and then complete the first 4 phases of the project. The investment will be secured by the fixed property. After the initial purchase of land, investment funds can be drawn down as per project phases.

A detailed business plan with cash flows is available on request.

Competitive Advantage

We are the only company in the area geared to undertake a project of this nature in terms of placing eco-friendly quality product in an under-serviced market.

Use of financing

Purchase of lot's of land for development. Construction of the first 4 phases of the project. Investment is secured by the fixed property.

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