Brick Making Company Seeks Funding to Expand Capacity

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The main purpuse of the project is to enable us supply cement bricks at low cost directly to individuals that have undertaken house building on their own, as well as to contractors. Furthermore, we plan to sell glass, aluminium and sand cement.

We want to sell bricks that everyone can afford to build their own houses. Building is an industry that has and will never stop. To reach a good profit out of it we have started our business a while ago but the cash flow put us behind. We have orders that are major but the machines we use are to small. We need investment to expand our capacity and can offer a payback within 24 months.

Competitive Advantage

At the moment the market is extremly good since everybody builds their own houses. Most of the other companies only work with the contractors, whereas our aim is to sell directly to individual end-customers, offering them an affordable price.

Rationale for the deal

We already have major orders and want to extend our business in all regions.

Use of financing

We will use the financing to purchase a bigger machine that will enable us to produce more bricks at a better price for the community.

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