Investment Project for Transport Business for Goods from the Mines

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We have contracts with the mine to remove coal, chrome, and steel. The service we will launch is to help all the mines with the contracts they have.

Bardie and Cook Vervoer cc. Start-up. We have to buy 15 34-ton tipper trucks before we can start with the contracts. This is going to be a transport business that transports goods from the mines to their destination where it must go. Well I will attach some of the contracts that we have given away to other truck companies because we don't have our own trucks.

After the 4 months we can start doing the cash payback.

Well it is not an idea it is reality because what we are going to start with 15 trucks we can double it to 40 trucks after 2 years of hard work. An the investor that helps us with the start-up funding will receive his capital back so fast he will not even know that he help us so positive we are about this business.
We are four partners in this company but we will be glad to talk to the investor about the opportunity he will have when really wants to help us.

In South Africa we have a lot of mines and it does not stop there because there is always a mine that starts and when they are open they need the truck companies to help them remove the goods from the mine. There is so much work here and not enough trucks to do the work.

It is the begging of the business but after we have brought the trucks there is no stop working until we have paid back the investor. The additional funding is for the property that we have to buy when the trucks must come in for a service and clean up before it goes out for the next load.

Competitive Advantage

The head players is the mines, they contract everywhere Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe and all the mine area that need trucks.

There is no competition because there is to match work and not enough trucks to do al the contracts.
Every truck company can make success if they know what they are doing, because if we get the contracts it is signed contracts that we have given away.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity we have so provide an services to the mines, they pay us per load per day and we have to do 4 trips a day per truck the contract that we gave away the owner makes r205 million a year with 10 trucks, and that is only one of the contracts if you are over the board to Zimbabwe, Zambia or Botswana you make double that money. Well we know the guy at the mine and he can confirm that they are paying a lot off to truck companies.

Use of financing

It is for the 15 trucks and the property where we will have the business offices and the premises for the trucks.

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