Bosveld Towing & Recovery (Expansion/Growth Investment)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The purpose of the investment project is to expand the business with 2 x 6ton rollbacks, 2 x 8ton rollbacks and 3 more breakdown bakkies, and 1 property with big store yard and offices.

Latest Update (as on 28 June 2011):

At the moment we have been notified that we have to get an new place we must be out on 31 July 2011, so now we have look for new home and office for the business, please people is their someone that can help us with the expansion of the business we need it now, we can be the biggest towing serves in the Limpopo province and we did get the standard bank repo contract all so.

Please help us.

We have 20 contracts with insurance companies and if we expand the business with the rollbacks we can get another 25 insurance companies to sign contract but we need to expand with the rollbacks.

We want to give all the insurance companies the opportunity to use us to help their customers we are available 24/7.

120 months or less it depends if all the insurance companies sign contract with us we can pay it back quickly.

The insurance company will be very happy if we can provide more business opportunities for their customers.

We will pay the investor back and entrust as soon as we can.

Because everybody has a car and insurance and if there is accidents they need us to provide services for them if they need us.

We are for year in business but we have to buy rollbacks because the insurance companies require it now for the new model vehicles so that we can't damage the cars with transporting them. So we are going to expand/growth.

If there is additional funding left we will pay our satra fees up to date, and satra is using us all the time.

Potential investors, feel free to contact the project owner on Merar.

Competitive Advantage

All the insurance companies that we have contract with. The advantage of the company if we get the 4 rollbacks and the 3 breakdown bakkies we can help more than 2 people at a time, and if we get our own store yard with offices we don't have to pay rent every month to other people the we own our own place.

And when we get all the service contract that we provide with the best prices they will use us every time and then their will be times that we can't help everybody so busy we are going to be if we provide them with our service.

Yes we can give them a run for their money but we will come out on top every time.

Rationale for the deal

The opportunity is to help more insurance companies, and provide an services for the public if they need us.

The insurance is paying us for the services we provide, this is why we have signed contracts with them and if we get the rollbacks we get another 20 insurance companies to signed with.

Yes their is but our logo is us """ the difference is service""""""" we are their to provide an services to the insurance companies and the public. You have to work with the company rates they provide, and if they think your rates is to high they don’t use to help them.

Use of financing

To expand the business to a bigger level to serve more people, and insurance companies. The investment that we need to expand is $5,000,000.00, and we can provide the services in two weeks.

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