Coal Transport in KZN (Kwazulu-Natal)

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

Signed coal transport agreement with a mine in KZN (Kwazulu-Natal) midlands with guaranteed returns.

Black Cherry Trading has secured a lucrative coal transport agreement for a minimum of 80 heavy-duty trucks and side tipper trailers, and requires investors for the purchase of these vehicles. Payment guarantees are provided by the mining concern and the contract will run over a period of 5 years with roll overs and extensions

High Level Calculation
Initial investment of USD 15 million will equate to about 80 trucks on a full maintenance lease

Income of each truck will be between USD 20 000 - USD 30 000 per month

Monthly income will equate to USD 1,6 million

Genuine investors can contact us on Merar for more information.

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