Lee Motors Auto Wholesalers Needs Expansion Capital

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

I source and purchase cars from private people, companies and organizations and wholesale these cars to dealer’s country wide via our own network and via the internet. My network and client (dealer) base has expanded over the years and additional capital is required to purchase stock (cars) for resale to dealers.

My business has been running successfully since 2002.

The two investors that I had have recently left South Africa and I gave them their money back (ZAR 1,2M)

I need a new investor to continue with the business.

I give the investor a monthly percentage of the net profit.

The profits are good and demand for stock is high.

I am presently working with a bank overdraft of ZAR 500000-00 and it is not enough.

Investors can contact me on this site to receive more information. Cash flow March 2011 is available for download.

Competitive Advantage

I am a time served, qualified auto mechanic and I personally find and check each vehicle before purchasing. I know exactly what reconditioning is required and what it should cost. I have over 100 dealers that know me and buy stock from me.

I know what cars to buy, I know how much to pay, I know who to wholesale to.

Rationale for the deal

The business has been running successfully since 2002.
I get a "cover price" from a dealer before I buy a car, so there are no losses.
I have the entire infrastructure in place to Dealer Stock and Invoice.
My investors both left South Africa, and I need working capital to continue.

Use of financing

The money is to buy cars for wholesale to dealers.

The returns are monthly profit share.

Attached the spread sheet for March 2011, showing a nett profit of ZAR 111000-00,this achieved without investors, only an overdraft of ZAR 500000-00.

This is a nett profit of 22%,if I had 1M it would be double that.

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