Investment for Revolutionary Concept in Logistic Risk Management

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

The product has been developed over the past 8 years, and is now ready to be released to the market, as soon as funding has been obtained.

A new, revolutionary logistic risk management service, recurring nature, never offered before, test marketed, ready to be released to the market, with 16,000 potential users ("Brick & Mortar" business - not IT-based). Potential JSE listing/IPO.

There is a clear and well defined need in the long distance transport and logistics market in South Africa, with no one meeting that need. We have done test marketing, and have had an overwhelming positive response from the target market, with potential clients begging us to provide this service.

Market research has proven that the market is eager to use our product (which is of a recurring nature, with 16,000 potential users), and are willing to pay our price for it.

The business plan and model is complete, and implementation can start immediately.

We need US$1,1m/ZAR7,2m to bring the product to the market.

We offer repayment of this amount, with interest, over 3 years, as well as a shareholding in the company.

Full details to qualified investors, after signing of standard Non-Disclosure & Confidentiality Agreement.

Management Team:
We are a small team, with many years collective experience in logistics and project management, as well as product and business development.

JR is an experienced project manager and business process technician, with entrepreneurial flair and high level of sales aptitude.

GvN is a qualified accountant with many years experience at Financial Directorship level in manufacturing, project management and logistics, in Africa and Southern Africa.

FM has a wide knowledge base in trucking and logistics. He has good sales and marketing experience in the trucking and logistics industry, and established relationships with various key and senior role players in the industry.

The amount of US$1,1m/ZAR7,2m is needed.

This amount will be repaid to the investor(s) after 3 years, with annual interest payments in the interim.

A negotiable shareholding is also offered.

The value of the company is conservatively estimated to be US$64m/ZAR450m at the end of Year 3, and US$89m/ZAR620m at the end of Year 5 (based on detailed calculations and accepted accounting and valuation principles).

Dividends should start after the 2nd Year.

Contact us on Merar if you are interested investors.

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