Transportation Start-Up Seeks Investors

Opportunity Snapshot

Investment Opportunity

We want to transport coal for a contract that was awarded to us, the project started in the month of May 2011. We can supply 35-60 Heavy Duty Vehicles on this contract.

This contract is for the transport of "A"-grade coal in the Dundee area of Kwazulu Natal to Richards Bay harbour, the coal will be then exported.
The contract is for a three year period with the option to renew it. This project is running now for three months.

We would like to buy 10 vehicles with the assistance from investors, from the profit after the monthly expenses is paid we will purchase more vehicles.

We can repay the investment within 24 months, there is payment guarantees in place from our attorney, we can arrange that your money is paid directly to you from the paymaster before we get paid.

The payment on this project to us is on a seven day period, this gives the investor the choice of receiving his money in four payments during the month or one payment at month end.

When we have the vehicles we can start the transportation within two days after registration with the various mines and diesel depot’s. As currently all over the world the demand of fossil fuels is high and at this moment the coal is one of South-Africa’s most sought after commodity to date especially to China.

Rationale for the deal

We have the opportunity to grow our business and secure a long term employment in this industry and in return create job opportunities for many unemployed HDV drivers.

Our aim is to have within three years 100 vehicles on the road and secure a 5-10 year contract. Out of this contract after all expenses is paid we will have a profit of R920,000.00 for the first two years, after the investment is paid off the profit will increase to R 1,461,666.66 per month.

This proposal is based on a silent partner, however we are open to any venture offer from a investor/s as we are very serious and dedicated to take our company to the next level.

Use of financing

The money will be used to buy 10 heavy duty vehicles at R1,000,000.00(zar)each
Initial investment R10,000,000.00
Our offer on intrest for investment 30%(negotiable)
Investment+intrest R13,000,000.00
Repayment peroid: 24months
Repayment installments: R541,666,66 p/m or 4 payments of R135,416.66

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