A Big Thank You for the 3000 Facebook Fans!

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A Big Thank You for the 3000 Facebook Fans!

We have reached 3000 supporters on Facebook which is a big step for Merar. Your support is greatly appreciated and we wouldn’t be here right now, if it weren’t for you guys.

You have helped the expansion of our website, through the social media and have presented us with a number of opportunities, which we will pursue, in order to enhance your experience with Merar.

We have written a guide on how to start your business and the essentials are covered in detail. Furthermore, our opportunity submission form entails a detailed step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs that explains the type and amount of information you need to provide for your projects, in order to catch the attention of potential investors. We are working tirelessly to try and help you however we can, on your way to successful business deals and the bigger we get, the more you will receive.

Thank you again for your support and do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have, concerning your project or investment!


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