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Establishing Contact on Merar Easier than Ever

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Establishing Contact on Merar Easier than Ever

Looking out for the best interest of its members Merar undergoes another change that simplifies the process of contact establishment on Merar.

So far, the party initiating the contact had to send a contact proposal to the other party, which had to be then accepted within seven days. Both parties were sharing the costs for ...

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Merar Welcomes Investment and M&A Advisers Aboard

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Merar Welcomes Investment and M&A Advisers Aboard

As we often say, Merar’s aim is bringing the best of the investment world online. Since intermediaries traditionally play an important role in the investment playground, we are now launching a personalized service for professional brokers and consultants to better cater for their needs and involve them more actively in our network.

An Adviser ...

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