Establishing Contact on Merar Easier than Ever

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Establishing Contact on Merar Easier than Ever

Looking out for the best interest of its members Merar undergoes another change that simplifies the process of contact establishment on Merar.

So far, the party initiating the contact had to send a contact proposal to the other party, which had to be then accepted within seven days. Both parties were sharing the costs for establishing contact and did not have access to each other’s contact details until all payments and confirmations were completed.

Although this model seems to be fair, in reality it often slows down and complicates the communication process. Now we are making it much easier: only the party initiating the contact will be charged a connection fee. Immediately after this happens, both the contact initiator and the party being contacted will see each other’s contact details. Contact details will be accessible from the member’s profile on Merar and also sent to both sides in an email.

We believe that this change will foster the communication among our members and make finding business partners online easier than ever. The prices for establishing connections remain the same and as always can be seen in the Pricing section.

All projects and offers submitted on Merar are subject to strict quality control and assurance. If you are the party initiating (and paying) for contact establishment you will definitely receive validated contact information.

Feel free to let us know what do you think about the change. As always, taking care of the customer’s convenience and interest,
Your Merar Team


Image courtesy: Daniel Foster, Flickr CC. 


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