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Petroleum & Natural Gas in Southeast Europe

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Expectedly, the largest economies in terms of production and consumption in SEE have a significant presence in the ranking of the oil and gas companies: Romania and Bulgaria – with six and five representatives respectively, Serbia and Slovenia – three each, Croatia –two, Macedonia - one. Interestingly, Macedonia’s sole crude oil refinery Okta AD ranked 16th with ...

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2009 Russia Tax Survey

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Tax disputes

Interaction with the tax authorities is an essential part of business operations in Russia. Our survey results from this year and previous years show that businesses should consider it a given that they will ultimately have tax disputes with the authorities and, therefore, they should be prepared to manage them.

Almost 72% of ...

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Mobile Telephony Fuels Telecoms Sector’s Growth

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Key Trends in SEE telecommunications sector in 2009:

  • Growth of revenue in the telecommunications sector, which includes fixed and mobile telephony, and increase in the provision of internet services and cable television;
  • Drop in revenue and lower penetration of fixed-line telephony in most countries;
  • Growth of revenue and increase in mobile telephony penetration;
  • Rise in ...

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