Uncle Bulgaria (Short Introduction in City A.M.)

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Uncle Bulgaria (Short Introduction in City A.M.)

This is a short article released on January 10th in City A.M., London.

Petko Karamotchev doesn’t see Made in Chelsea entrepreneur Francis Boulle as a competitor. He just contacted The Capitalist from Bulgaria to let it be known that his investment network Merar.com operates in “different markets” from Boulle’s investment platform Fundmine, as covered in this column on 16 November.

“I don’t see Francis as a rival, but we will be interested to see Fundmine’s effect in the UK,” says the founder of the “international information broker” that matchmakes investors and entrepreneurs. Karamotchev, just so you are up to speed, has 1,300 investments projects on the go, focusing in “markets with growth” such as India, China and Africa. Later this month, he will launch escrow accounts, data room software and copywritting services.

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