Key Trends Affecting Investment in Africa

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Key Trends Affecting Investment in Africa

Thanks to our partners at Sokoni Group, we are pleased to make available for free download the expert analysis “Africa Market Outlooks – 5 Trends to watch in 2013".

The report provides an overview of the recent economic and political developments that directly affect the investment climate in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Cameroon. It contains vital information that will help investors to source profitable opportunities in Africa, with special focus on the Sub-Saharan region.

Here are the key trends at a glance:

Ethiopia’s mining sector is set to expand

The government in Ethiopia had expressed intentions to transform the country’s mining sector into the “backbone” of its economy, thus opening wide the door to investors.

Kenya’s ICT sector shows promising signs of growth 

The faster broadband connections in Kenya in comparison to other countries in the region, its dramatic increase of ICT usage among the population, and the government support in the sector create plenty of investment opportunities. 

South Sudan oil exports to hit global markets 

The resumption of oil exports between Sudan and South Sudan is symbolic for their peace deal, and is giving rise to renewed investor confidence in the region.

Cameroon agricultural banks boost production 

As part of the government’s overall policy of supporting SME growth in the Agriculture sector, two agricultural banks have been set up in Cameroon to finance private agricultural projects. 

Private equity into East Africa will increase as investor confidence grows

Rising business confidence and consumer demand resulted in double inflows from private equity funds into East Africa in 2012, reaching $475 million. A sharp rise is projected in 2013, as perceptions of political risk soften and investor confidence in the region is increasing. 

The full report is available for free download.

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Top image courtesy: Massmo Relsig, 2013, Flickr CC.


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