What It Takes To Be a Successful Investor?

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What It Takes To Be a Successful Investor?

When we saw the video on TechCrunch, we immediately decided to share it with you. In this footage you will see five VCs from the Silicon Valley gathered to talk about the state of investing and what skills and qualities make a successful venture capitalist.

As Robert Hof from Forbes quoted last week “It’s hard to find a bigger disconnect in business today than the one between Silicon Valley and most of the rest of the economy”.

Although of the economy slowdown, entrepreneurs should chase their goals. In the video you will see Shervin Pishevar of Menlo Ventures saying that “There’s no time like now to become an entrepreneur”.

You can also see Mike Arrington from TechCrunch saying “It’s that VCs not screw up their companies. If an entrepreneur is going to be working with a VC for five to seven years, rushing into a funding relationship isn’t always the best thing to do.”

Although the article is solely focused on the VCs and entrepreneurs from the Sillicon Valley, it also has its impact on the emerging markets. As Rich Wong of Accel Partners highlights that another trend is that increasingly, great entrepreneurs are coming from all around the world. “The notion that we’re just going to be driving up and down Sand Hill Road and Silicon Valley is going to be an anachronism”, he adds.

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