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Higher Security Standards: Merar Has Improved Its Payment Verification Process

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Merar implements triple security protectionMerar is introducing a triple validation procedure to protect its online community from credit card fraud and online scam.

Sadly, communication and business-making through the Internet is continuously being hampered by the rising wave of online fraud. The field of investment seeking, where money and sensitive information are on the table, is particularly vulnerable. Yet ...

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Thoughts about the 1995’s Best Emerging Market Fund

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Thoughts about the 1995’s Best Emerging Market Fund

The long, dark shadow of the Mexican Peso crisis cast itself over the emerging market universe in 1995 like some sinister ghoul, frightening away investors and sending many of the dedicated managers scurrying into the distant, unfamiliar corners of the investment world: Africa, the Middle East and Russia.

For some, however, the crisis in Mexico ...

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Managing The Soft Landing Of The Turkish Economy. Better Late Than Never

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Managing The Soft Landing Of The Turkish Economy. Better Late Than Never

Turkey’s GDP growth will slow down to a more sustainable 4% in 2012, down from 8.5% in 2011 and 9.0% in 2010. Driven by strong domestic consumption and private investments, Turkey seems to have no problems growing. The problem is the large current account deficit (10% of GDP) that is the result ...

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