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Merar Welcomes Investment and M&A Advisers Aboard

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Merar Welcomes Investment and M&A Advisers Aboard

As we often say, Merar’s aim is bringing the best of the investment world online. Since intermediaries traditionally play an important role in the investment playground, we are now launching a personalized service for professional brokers and consultants to better cater for their needs and involve them more actively in our network.

An Adviser ...

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The Best Countries to Do Business in 2012

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The Best Countries to Do Business in 2012

According to data collected by the World Bank, Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand are the best countries to do business in 2012.

The Doing Business 2012 report ranks 183 economies according to the ease of doing business, an index combining 11 areas including starting a business,  getting credit, paying taxes, protecting investors, enforcing contracts ...

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Merar Gives the Word to Investors: The New ‘Offer from Investor’ Feature

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Merar Gives the Word to Investors: The New ‘Offer from Investor’ Feature

Merar implements new feature enabling investors to announce their interests and requirements to the wide public of entrepreneurs as response to customer requests.

So far, there have been two mechanisms on Merar for investors to find investment opportunities:

  1. Independently browsing throughout the investment projects database
  2. Subscribing for a regular update on the investment opportunities matching ...

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Uncle Bulgaria (Short Introduction in City A.M.)

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Uncle Bulgaria (Short Introduction in City A.M.)

This is a short article released on January 10th in City A.M., London.

Petko Karamotchev doesn’t see Made in Chelsea entrepreneur Francis Boulle as a competitor. He just contacted The Capitalist from Bulgaria to let it be known that his investment network operates in “different markets” from Boulle’s investment platform ...

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